Megix10 Blonding System

£60.00 Excl VAT £72.00 Inc VAT


Introducing the new Megix10 Blonding System. This System contains Megix Lift9 – a luxurious bleaching powder that gives extraordinary cosmetic results, lightening up to 9 levels. Lift C – gently lightens up to 6 tones in a progressive and gradual way. Thanks to PLEX and sugar polymers this provides hydration and protecting to the hair in its lightening process. Megix Lift+ – two Megix additives to be used with Megix Lift9 and Megix Lift C to counteract the warm reflects that are given in the lightening process. Megix Lift+ Brunette is specific for levels starting at 1 through to 5. It’s blue-green pigments neutralize the red-orange reflects that emerge whilst lightening at these levels. Megix Lift+ Blonde on the other hand is ideal when you need to lighten from levels 6-1 thanks to the addition of blue-violet pigments that neutralize red-orange reflects.



  • (1) LiftC Cream Bleach 17.64oz
  • (1) Lift9 Bleach 17.64oz
  • (1) Lift+ Brunette 5.29oz
  • (1) Lift+ Blonde 5.29oz
  • (1) Megix 32 vol. Developer 10.14oz
  • (1) Megix 21 vol. Developer 10.14oz
  • (1) Megix Blonding System Brochure
Megix10 Blonding System
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