Goldwell Topchic Tubes All Shades

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Intelligent color for distinctive beauty. Creating distinctive beauty is your goal. Topchic has the perfect solution: an iconic and truly intelligent color system.

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Goldwell Topchic guarantees intense colours, and optimum results across the entire product spectrum with 100% grey coverage.


• 100 % grey coverage – Improved performance for complete variety: from classic N shades, cool NA shades, intense NN shades to premixed Elumenated Naturals. All guaranteed by the Dye Penetration- and Reflects³ System.

• ULTIMATE DURABILITY – First cool assortment on the professional hair color market from Goldwell staying cool over time – guaranteed by the innovative CoolProtect Technology.

• EXCELLENT EVENNESS – For beautiful, even color results from regrowth to ends. Guaranteed by the Equalizer System 2.0.

• OPTIMUM GENTLENESS – 100 % performance with no compromise on gentleness – guaranteed by patented Coenzyme Technology & creamy-smooth lotion with IntraLipid.

Shades - Goldwell Topchic

2A, 2N, 3N, 3NN, 3VV Max, 4B, 4B@RR, 4G, 4N, 4N@KK, 4NA, 4NN, 4R, 4V, 5A, 5B, 5BG, 5BM, 5BP, 5B@BK, 5BG@KK, 5BV, 5GB, 5MB, 5N, 5N@RR, 5NA, 5NN, 5R, 5RB, 5RS, 5VV Max, 6A, 6BM, 6BKV, 6BS, 6BP@VA, 6G, 6GB, 6K, 6K@KK, 6KG, 6KR, 6KS, 6MB, 6N, 6N@GB, 6N@KK, 6N@AV, 6N@RB, 6N@RV, 6NA, 6NN, 6R, 6RB, 6RR@PK, 6RR Max, 6RV Max, 6SB, 6VV Max, 7A, 7B, 7BG, 7BN, 7G, 7GB, 7K, 7KG, 7KR, 7MB, 7N, 7N@BK, 7N@BP, 7N@RR, 7NA, 7NGP, 7NN, 7OO Max, 7OO@GK, 7PK, 7RB, 7RO Max, 7RR Max, 7RR@RR, 7SB, 7SB@BI, 8A, 8B, 8BKP, 8CA, 8G, 8GB, 8K, 8KG, 8KN, 8N, 8N@GB, 8N@GK, 8NA, 8NN, 8N@BS, 8N@KK, 8SB, 8SB@PK, 9A, 9G, 9GB, 9N, 9NA, 9NBP, 9N@BP, 9N@BS, 9NGP, 9NN, 9MB, 10A, 10GB, 10N, 10P, 10V, 11A, 11G, 11N, 11P, 11PB, 11SN, 11SV, 11V, 12BM, 12BN, 12BS, Violet Ash, Blond Cream, Blond Cream Ash, Ash Ash, A Mix, GG Mix, KK Mix, P Mix, 5N@BK, RR Mix, 5N@BP, VV Mix, 6B, 6BP, 3NA, 4BP


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Goldwell Topchic Tubes All Shades
£6.89 Excl VAT £8.27 Inc VAT Select options
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