Fanola No Red Shampoo 350ml

£6.75 Excl VAT £8.10 Inc VAT

  • Suitable on natural and coloured hair with dark shades (level 3/4/5).
  • Formulated with green pigment that reduces undesirable red tones.
  • Leaves hair with a cold tone, shiny and radiant.

  • Apply to wet hair and massage.
  • Leave on for 1 to 5 minutes, lather and rinse.
  • Reapply the shampoo if necessary.

Brown hair is, by diffusion, the second type of hair in the world after black. A versatile color, with innumerable facets and adaptable to all skin types. It’s a color that gives value and personality to every haircut. Even the brown hair are unfortunately subject to the oxidation of color which is caused by many factors: sun exposure, hairdryer and straightner, air pollution…all this causes the appearance of unwanted red reflexes both on natural hair and on colored hair with dark tones.

No Red Shampoo washes gently and neutralises undesirable red tones while maintaining a cold and even colour.

After applying the product, brown hair has a cold, pure and luminous tone.

The special formula is enriched with Orchid milk to provide shine and softness, while the latest generation Antifading technology protects the hair against natural oxidation. Thanks to the innovative green pigment, No Red is the ideal treatment to help both hairdresser and end customer correctly manage undesirable red tones.

Fanola No Red Shampoo 350ml
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