Fanola Color No Yellow 9 Tone Bleaching Powder 500g

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  • Boosted with violet anti-yellow micro-pigments
  • For gradual and balanced lightening that leaves hair shiny
  • Makes for high-performance lightening (up to 9 tones), neutralising undesired yellow tones

  • Indicated for all lightening techniques
  • Mix: 1:2 with Fanola activators 10-20-30-40 vol.
  • Wear disposable plastic protective gloves during all stages of the product’s preparation, application and rinsing
  • Pour the necessary quantity, adding the Fanola oxidant emulsion (dilution 1+2) in a non-metal container
  • Mix using a spatula or a brush until you obtain a creamy and homogeneous consistency
  • Leave in until the hair has reached the desired lightening level
  • Do not apply the product to the scalp
  • Maximum recommended setting time: 35 min.
  • Once the setting time is up, rinse the hair thoroughly and shampoo
  • If needed, use a toner

Anti-yellow violet bleaching powder with ultra-lightening power.

The special composition, boosted with violet anti-yellow micro-pigments, lightens by up to 9 tones gradually and evenly, leaving the hair radiant and protected.

Enriched with anti-oxidant Blueberry Extract, it makes for highly performing lightening while minimising undesirable yellowing.

Formulated without Silica and without Titanium Dioxide
Lightening power: up to 9 tones
Active Ingredients: Cranberry extract with anti-oxidant properties

Fanola Color No Yellow 9 Tone Bleaching Powder 500g
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