Andreia Professional Color Speed Plus Oil Accelerator Oil For Color Services

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A revolutionary accelerator oil for colouring services that will transform your work as a colourist, reducing up to 50% of the time required for colouring services, without compromising the quality of the results!

Compatible with the entire Andreia Professional* colouring range, this innovative product offers a unique experience for both the professional and the client.

By speeding up posing time, COLOR SPEED PLUS allows you to serve more customers, increasing your productivity and profitability.

It is the perfect ally for professionals who want to offer high quality services and optimize their work!

Enriched with vitamin E, argan and linseed oils, COLOR SPEED PLUS has a formula that not only cares for hair, protecting and prolonging colour, but also deeply nourishes and hydrates, giving intense shine to the strands.

Main features:

  • Reduces posing time without changing results
  • Deeply nourishes and hydrates
  • Provides intense shine
  • Fully vegan formula
  • For professional use only


How to use: Prepare the colour. Mix the Developer Cream in the indicated ratio. Add 4 drops of Colour Speed Plus for every 10g of colouring cream** and mix.

Proceed as usual with the application of color. At the end of the posing time, check the results before rinsing. Rinse well. Wash with Co-Wash Post Colour.

*Compatible with the entire Andreia Professional coloring range. Except Permanent Color Power Blonde.

**(1 tube of coloring = 40 drops of Color Speed Plus)

Andreia Professional Color Speed Plus Oil Accelerator Oil For Color Services

In stock

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